Our mission statement is to bring the wisdom of Amazon to the rest of the retail world. Wiser was created to disrupt Amazon’s hold on dynamic pricing by providing the necessary technology to retailers. A Red Herring 100 Winner (North America), Wiser powers retailers in the online and brick and mortar spaces (clients include Skullcandy, Luxottica, eBay, Perry Ellis, McAfee, Mossejaw, and more). Wiser's suite of  solutions include: competitive intelligence, price optimization, dynamic pricing, MAP monitoring, merchandising, assortment, and more.

An innovator in price intelligence, Wiser developed its own advanced product tracking technology and launched in August 2012 with its first product, WisePricer. It has since leveraged that technology to successfully launch the growing suite of Wiser products designed to meet the business intelligence needs of both retailers and manufacturers. For retailers, WisePricer is a dynamic pricing optimization engine that monitors, analyzes, and reprices retail products in real-time. With automated pricing and easy sync, it enables online retailers to optimize their revenue and profit. Wiser not only arms retailers with pricing intelligence and repricing, but is also innovating on the cutting edge of eCommerce pricing. For brands and manufacturers, WiseMapper is a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring solution for brands and manufacturers to monitor and protect their pricing across the thousands of retailers selling their products.


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The Wiser suite consists of products by retailers, for retailers. The founding team is composed of eCommerce experts that were involved in all facets of the eCommerce space: on the retailer, consulting, and technology side. They have the advantage of having not only the technological expertise, but the merchandising and marketing understanding. As a result, Wiser's products were built and developed for optimal functionality from the retailer’s and brand's perspective.

Wiser empowers retailers and brands with advanced tools such as assortment optimization, demand elasticity engines (multi-factor estimation and cross-product elasticity to name a few) and machine learning algorithms that maximize sales while maintaining margins.

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Capacités des intégrations


  • Track products across multiple marketplaces
  • Dedicated eBay and webstore repricing tools
  • Monitor competitors across any e-commerce site
  • Real-time pricing data
  • Customizable repricing capabilities
  • Automated repricing capabilities
  • Seamless setup
  • 30-day tracking history
  • Automatically fill in missing product data


  • Pricing data across multiple channels and marketplaces
  • Daily,weekly, or monthly automated reports delivered to your inbox
  • Seamless Sync
  • Customizable reports
  • Filter by products being sold below MAP
  • Case management and notifications for better enforcement
  • Real-time pricing data
  • 30 day price tracking history
  • Automatically fill in missing product data


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