OSF Commerce, a division of OSF Global Services, has helped global retailers achieve their international, omnichannel and commerce optimization goals for more than a decade. With extended experience in cloud technology and technology integrations, OSF takes care of the whole ecommerce ecosystem, helping retailers choose, implement and customize the right solutions in different ecommerce related areas—CRM, CMS, mobile solutions and private clouds. With offices around the world, OSF capably supports retailers in different geographies, providing innovative development solutions and follow-the-sun business support.

Our end-to-end implementation, consulting and support services enable us to deploy online stores on time and on any budget. We work with our clients’ staff to understand their business needs, process flows and applications to ensure ecommerce solutions are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications. The customer journey becomes unified through a consistent look and feel, for seamless personalization and memorable experiences on all channels. And our ongoing maintenance and support services keep online stores available, with reliable performance. Book an informal meeting with an ecommerce implementation specialist, and learn why retailers like Burton, Predator Nutrition and Urban Decay have chosen OSF as their trusted ecommerce partner.


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OSF Integrator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Sitecore facilitates efficient communication between the two platforms and is a convenient way to manage  Commerce Cloud entities directly in Sitecore. One Sitecore instance can connect with up to five (5) Commerce Cloud websites, which translates into significant costs savings. Synchronize content both ways with the cartridge.

Connecting your Sitecore CMS with Commerce Cloud supports efficient content creation, modification and publishing, with multilingual versions options available. Streamlined content usability, shortened editorial cycles and enhanced customer communication are at your disposal with this solution. Simplified content publishing workflows allow marketing personnel to publish rich content and avoid IT dependencies. Ensure a consistent web experience for your customers with this centralized ecommerce content management solution. Users must also have a Sitecore package installed in order to use OSF Integrator for Commerce Cloud and Sitecore. To get the Sitecore package, please click here.

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Capacités des intégrations

  • Access, import and synchronize Commerce Cloud items (campaigns, promotions, content slots and assets, product-related data) directly with Sitecore through a custom-built Commerce Cloud Administration Widget
  • Bi-directional content synchronization between Commerce Cloud and Sitecore
  • Multiple Commerce Cloud websites support
  • Track content changes immediately after they have been made, thanks to WYSIWYG support
  • Commerce Cloud Content Editing Widget and Sitecore Inline Editor support
  • Multilingual Support for global enterprises, and multilingual content synced from Commerce Cloud, supported by Sitecore
  • Content publishing workflows are simplified with the help of a customized Sitecore user interface
  • Track all content changes with the content versions feature and choose the suitable version for your online store
  • Enhance the visual content flexibility with rich media content upload


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