OSF Commerce, an OSF Global brand, has established itself as a trusted retail consultant and commerce technology integrator, enabling companies to succeed over the greatest challenges in the world’s rapidly changing retail environment. With expertise in omnichannel integrations, internationalization and commerce optimization, we work closely with your staff to understand your business requirements, develop customized technologies and seamlessly integrate them with your core applications.

Our end-to-end implementation, consulting and support services enable us to deploy online stores on time and on any budget. We work with our clients’ staff to understand their business needs, process flows and applications to ensure ecommerce solutions are successfully implemented and integrated with existing business-critical applications. The customer journey becomes unified through a consistent look and feel, for seamless personalization and memorable experiences on all channels. And our ongoing maintenance and support services keep online stores available, with reliable performance. Book an informal meeting with an ecommerce implementation specialist, and learn why retailers like Burton, Predator Nutrition and Urban Decay have chosen OSF as their trusted ecommerce partner.


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OSF CartUP sends cart abandonment recovery emails to those customers who have left items in their shopping cart without finalizing the checkout process. At the same time, it enables you to keep track of the items purchased after the customer is notified and decides to resume the buying process. The cartridge provides you with real-time statistics on Total Revenue Recovered from abandoned carts and Average Recovered Cart Value, while it enables you to analyze insights by tracking abandoned carts vs. recovered carts in one single report, directly in BM. Recovery emails reconstruct the abandoned cart URL, with the exact items that were left in the cart,  and provides customers with links to their landing pages and checkout button. Additional incentives can be added to existing email templates and sent to customers at pre-established times or manually. 

With approximately three in four customers dropping out during the checkout process, cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges in online retail. OSF CartUP bridges the gap between lost revenue and finalized purchases and enables you recover lost revenue by turning abandoners into active paying customers. Test OSF CartUP for 30 days, FREE of charge, and turn LOST opportunities into TANGIBLE revenue by filling out this FORM.

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  • Fully integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud email system. Alternatively, you can link your email client to your Commerce Cloud online store to connect with the customers who have abandoned their shopping cart.
  • Submits cart abandonment reminder e-mails directly from Comerce Cloud.
  • Gathers add-to-cart data from Commerce Cloud and performs shopping cart reconstruction based on URL.
  • Allows sending to customers incentives or additional information on the products in the cart.
  • Business Manager interface for merchants. The merchant than has the ability to:
    • select customers that abandoned their baskets over a pre-established period of time
    • show list of customers that abandoned their baskets based on the search results
    • present the products abandoned in each customer's cart
  • Visualize all of the abandoned carts thanks to protocols providing highly-relevant info: last modified date, product ID,  user ID and more.
  • Provides statistics on number of abandoned carts and number of recovered carts.
  • Provides real time statistics on Total Revenue Recovered from abandoned carts and Average Recovered Cart Value.
  • Track with one single click the amount of purchased items after the cart abandonment email notifications are sent.
  • Utilize the Commerce Cloud-exported cart abandonment data to further improve your checkout process, identify recurrent abandonment points and create a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

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