Magnetic is a technology company with a marketing platform for enterprises, brands and agencies. Our ad, email and site solutions help marketers find, keep and bring back customers. These solutions are powered by our unique data including purchase intent data from more than 450,000 partner sites, shopping profiles of over 250 million individuals, and behavioral insights across a billion active devices.

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Retailers will see Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magnetic as a single, integrated platform. Merchandisers simply identify locations where they’d like to see personalized product recommendations presented, and then carve out the real estate “zones” on each of those web pages. The pages will already be tagged. The catalog will already be indexed. Everything is ready to go as soon as we start the system.

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Capacités des intégrations

Web recommendations will automatically get created through the Magnetic system, for each unique shopper and customer. Merchandisers are free to simply highlight where they’d like to use the recommendations. Examples include: on various web pages (home, category, product detail, cart, “my recs page”, search, etc.); in emails (order conf, shipping conf, newsletters, and Magnetic specialized “Email Alerts”); in display advertisements; and in direct mail. Once the targets have been identified, Magnetic serves up the most appropriate personalized recommendations for each channel of customer interaction.


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