Invodo helps you create, deliver, and measure product video and interactive visual experiences by combining the right blend of technology, content, and program services: 

* Visual Commerce Platform -- Invodo's VIsual Commerce Platform includes: 
       -- JavaScript-based Media Players for video, shoppable video, spin photography, and visual walkthroughs
       -- Self-Service Content Management System for managing and publishing rich media assets
      --  Analytics Dashboard and Reports for measuring shopper engagement, satisfaction, & conversion due to rich media 

* Scalable Content Production -- Invodo can scalably produce thousands of videos and other rich media assets and experiences for merchandising, content marketing, and support -- while preserving your brand voice and quality expectations

* Program Services -- Invodo's Program Services enable you to scale your rich media programs by supplementing your team with Visual  Strategists, Project Managers, Implementation Engineers, and Data Analysts.


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Because traditional video platforms aren’t designed with the needs of retailers in mind, they don’t easily integrate with the technologies that run ecommerce sites.  As a result, retail marketers and merchandisers face significant challenges in deploying and scaling the management of rich media content on their online stores.
Invodo’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge helps solve this challenge by allowing business users to publish video and interactive spin photography content directly to their store pages using the Commerce Cloud Business Manager tool -- without IT involvement. The content is delivered via Invodo’s Visual Commerce platform and automatically includes tags for SEO, engagement analytics, and conversion attribution.

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Capacités des intégrations

  • Video and Spin Players:  Quickly add video and spin content anywhere on your site with responsive media players that supports a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.
  • Content Management System: Manage and publish your video content with an easy-to-use self-service tool.   Import your product catalog and map product IDs to videos, so the right videos automatically appear on the right product detail page.
  • Video SEO:  Automatically inject video meta-tags into your pages and generate video sitemaps for your domain.
  • Analytics:  Measure how shoppers engage with your content, how satisfied they are with it, and how it impacted their purchase.
  • Commerce Cloud Business Manager Integration: Search your Invodo content library and add a video or spin player to any page -- all from within the Business Manager toolset.


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