Impact Radius' digital marketing platform enables significant improvement in the return on global advertising spent for brands and agencies. The company provides a fully-integrated suite of products for media attribution, performance marketing, tag management and mobile analytics. Launched in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and technology experts, the company provides a leading SaaS solution to more than 500 brands globally. Through its superior technology, Impact Radius is empowering brands to take control of their partnerships, gain true visibility into the performance marketing channel, and cost-effectively scale their programs.

On the Impact Radius platform, brands are able to accurately track all conversion events to maximize the return on ad spend across digital, mobile (including all mobile web and in-app events) and offline channels, run reports to view activity and optimize offers, negotiate and execute electronic contracts, upload and host ad creative, and automate payment to partners. With a suite of advanced technology products, Impact Radius is leading the innovation of affiliate marketing, mobile tracking, and big data. On a single platform our clients can track all media channels, automate tag management, onboard and pay direct affiliates, while viewing and optimizing all conversion paths.

Vue d'ensemble des intégrations

Impact Radius Integration is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge that injects JavaScript code into each page of thesite to read inbound traffic for  attribution and rewarding purposes, as well as optional tag manager functionality.  There is also JavaScript on the thank you page that passes back data points of the conversion such as order number, SKUs purchased and promo code used if applicable to enable affiliate tracking and order attribution.  The input consist of your Impact Radius account credentials.  Variables include data about the page such as products on page, contents of the cart on the cart page, and order details on the thank you page.  No PII is passed in any of the JavaScript.  The data is purely for your own reporting, affiliate crediting, and tag manager purposes.

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Capacités des intégrations

  • Affiliate tracking
  • Universal container tag
  • Tag management
  • Direct tracking for affiliates
  • Promo code management


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