Ideatarmac provides monitoring, support and optimization services to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud community solving their day to day operational problems using a potent combination of operational expertise, experience from 50+ DW solution deliveries and a data driven troubleshooting platform Monitorem.

We are here in XChange to promote our platform Monitorem, which brings together Commerce Cloud custom solution monitoring, site monitoring and web analytics, at a single place. This helps to identify data patterns to troubleshoot technical bottlenecks and to find opportunities to minimize lost revenue. Use services and product as a package or as standalone deliverables.

Vue d'ensemble des intégrations

Monitorem's Commerce Cloud cartridge brings monitoring, problem solving and service helpdesk at a single place in your Business Manager. This enables you to take simple to complex decisions in the  areas of  user experience, Technical decisions and correlation between User expreience and technical components     

Why is this not just another BI tool?
Beacuse it brings to you a unified view of user experience and technology on a single screen with the sole focus of supporting data driven decision for Commerce Cloud retailers. Another factor which differentiates it from normal BI tools is the intutive interface for creation of action items and decisions. Finally, the amount of integration flexibility to connect any data source or system with Monitorem is unparalled.

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Capacités des intégrations

  • Unified view of user experience(web data) and technology
  • Real time trends(Goes beyond Google analytics)
  • High Integration flexibility
  • Manage your data using realtime APIs
  • No low level Software installation
  • Alerting Mechanism and Automated ticket Management system
  • Visual and interactive reports
  • Data driven troubleshooting mechanism
  • Flexibility to monitor all the Instances at one single place
  • Monitoring and display of all the Custom Jobs,HTTP and FTP Integrations


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