Curalate makes commerce frictionless, everywhere. Serving hundreds of the world’s most loved brands and touching hundreds of millions of consumers, the Curalate Adaptive Commerce platform powers commerce experiences that adapt to their environment and consumer. Curalate is engineered for the future of commerce - enabling commerce to be visual, contextual, and personal, wherever commerce occurs. The result? Increased conversion, average order value, and customer loyalty.

Vue d'ensemble des intégrations

Curalate's Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration is an all-in-one solution that enables commerce at scale by adapting your offsite touchpoints for commerce, and your onsite experience for discovery. Built to create a frictionless experience that adapts to the product, consumer, environment and context wherever they may live. Curalate can configure and connect to your e-commerce, analytics and social platforms, create moments of discovery and then help you serve up the right experience to your customer off-site and on-site to connect them all back to commerce.

Capacités des intégrations

  • Configure and connect- connect to your e-commerce, analytics and social platforms to ingest all products and all content.

  • Create- Post, publish and deploy your productized content to create commerce experiences, everywhere.

  • Adaptive Commerce- Serve up the right commerce experience to your buyers on-site and off-site based on the user, environment and context. 

  • Intelligent Content - Monetize content faster and farther with product feed integration and multi-product tagging.

  • Full Customization- Control the look and feel of your experiences or leave it up to Curalate based on our expertise across over 900 brands.

  • Ecommerce Analytics-  Quickly understand how your Curalate integration maps to on-site purchases.


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