With billions of images shared daily, the always-on consumer is discovering products more often and in more places than ever before- from social sites and shopping apps, to brand and influencer blogs. Curalate enables you to turn every visual touchpoint into a conversion opportunity, driving engagement, traffic, and revenue by closing the gap between discovery and purchase.

More than 800 of the world’s top brands rely on Curalate to source and surface top performing visual content, monetize those discovery touchpoint with valuable metadata, and distribute intelligent content that connects back to their brand out to all the places their consumer discovers products and services. With this in place, brands can make data driven decisions based on content and product level analytics. By closing the gap between discovery and purchase, Curalate empowers millions of people daily to easily take action on the products they want from the brands they love.

Vue d'ensemble des intégrations

Curalate's Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration is an all-in-one visual content gallery that brings your unique mix of crowdsourced fan photos, brand-produced editorial, or partner-produced images to the forefront of the online shopping experience. By linking authentic lifestyle images to products, Curalate's customizable visual gallery integration keeps shoppers on-site longer, drives higher click-throughs, and increases conversions.

Capacités des intégrations

  • Content Aggregation- Ingest content from Instagram, Tumblr,  Twitter, or direct upload
  • Rights Management- Streamlined process with customizable messaging to secure permission to use UGC
  • Image Moderation- Search, filtering, and top content recommendations
  • Intelligent Content - Monetize content faster and farther with product feed integration and multi-product tagging
  • Full Customization- Control the look and feel of your gallery integration
  • Enable Anywhere- Integrate visual galleries onto any page of your site
  • Ecommerce Analytics-  Quickly understand how your Curalate integration maps to on-site purchases


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